Tubidy v/s Mp3skull Guide

People always love to listen to the music to get free from stress, for entertainment and to get relaxed. It too easy to get connected to the music nowadays. You can easily listen to it online or offline. Today there are various websites available which lets you to browse, listen and download the music. Among the many others, Mp3skull is one of the most popular site which is pretty similar to Tubidy.

Manu music lover has loved it and they have given very positive review to it. So what makes MP3 skull one of the most popular for listening to the music? Followings are the various features that has made it successful to get positive review from the users.

  1. It is very easy to use this website. Once you have opened the site then you will understand everything to be very simple. Its homepage do not contains many links and options which prevents you from being confused.
  2. It contains very powerful search engine. The search engine can be found easily as soon as you open the website. It is placed at the top side of the page. You will just need to type the key words of the music in the search bar and then hit the “search for Mp3/convert” button. You will be provided with the quick results.
  3. We know there are many websites in the internet that helps you to download so many things. But MP3skull is slight different from them. Here you will find the unlimited number of the songs. You will be able to find any song no matter who the artist is and what type of songs you are looking for.
  4. Listening and downloading the music is one of the feature that most of the people use this site. The website lets you to listen to the song before downloading it. It prevents you from the mis-leading titles and fake files. So, you can first check the song if it is suitable for download or not then you can get it to your device.
  5. You will be able to find out the detail information about the song before downloading it. For example you will get to know the size of the file. The time duration of the music and at which download speed you will be able to get it.

Similarly, there are many useful features offered in the MP3skull. This music player and downloader has proved itself to be better from others.

Final review


MP3 skull is suitable for every music lover. Different people love different music and MP3 skull helps to search and download any type of the songs. There are millions of the songs from where you can select your favorite on. So, if you are looking for the particular song to download easily then you must give it a try.

MP3 skull is not only the site that is best known for the downloading the music files. There are many other alternative site where you will find the similar features like of MP3 Skull. Some of the popular sites are abmp3, mp3raid, abmp3 and beepmp3.