How to install and download Aptoide for PC

Aptoide is market place for applications, games and other utilities for android. It is distributed marketplace for android mobile devices. It is similar to Google app store but unlike it there is not unique and centralized store. As aptoide void the rules and agreements of Google Play Store, it can’t be downloaded through play store.

But you can download this software from official websites of Aptoid. For this you can go to line . With aptoide you can not only download software but also you can upload the software which is installed in your device and let other download it for free. You can create your own android application store in aptoide and let others download from your app store.

This is an application for android devices but if you want to use your PC for using this application you can run this app in you pc too. To run this application in your computer you have to follow following steps:

  1. At first you must download an emulator for your device. There are many emulators you can get online among them the most recommended emulator is “bluestacks” because it is very easy to install and handle as well. You can download this emulator from an official site of bluestacks or through this link :
  2. Once your download is finished. You can simply run the .exe file of bluestacks. This install process will take few minutes. The windows screen will seems like it is freezing but wait for it to complete and after finishing the installation process you can run the emulator now.
  3. After running the emulator you can run blue -stacks and running blue- stacks is same as if you are running the android device. After that you can download the aptoide install file or aptoide.apk from the store. Double click on the APK and follow the installation process like any other android device. You might need to change the security settings on the go which is similar to mobile device. You can change it as it doesn’t change any major and serious settings for your pc.
  4. After that you can run the aptoide in your pc. But first you have to open the blue- stacks application on your device. You can’t run the aptoide without running blue- stacks. Once you run blue- stacks and run aptoide. You can get all the features of aptoide and you will have this features unlocked
  • You can get those software which are not in Google Play Store such as Mobogenie markets and others
  • In aptoid, there is no region lock for applications, so from anywhere in the world can access all applications.
  • In aptoid, the applications don’t update automatically. We can control the updates of software as per our convenient time.

Aptoid is an application for mobile and it is best if it is used in mobile. All the features of this application is developed targeting your mobile sets.

How To Download Free Music

The music lovers regularly downloads their favorite music from internet. There are many music download apps available today. Music Paradise Pro app is designed for the android users who can use it for searching their favorite songs and download it to your device.

This app includes many additional features as compare to the other apps. The android users can easily download the apps from Google player stores and can have free music download.

There are many users from all around the world to use this app. Most of them have given positive reviews about the app. Here are some positive and negative feedback from the different users:-


  1. This apps helps you in searching, listening and then downloading the royalty free music.
  2. After downloading the songs, the user also have an option to edit the songs and set them as their ringtones.
  3. The application is designed in such a way that the user can easily understand all the functions.
  4. One of the other feature added is its predictive search. The app will suggest you the detail when they start typing just few words.
  5. Another popular feature is facility of multiple downloads. It comes with 2 download mode option and it also tracks all downloads so that a user do not download the same music for two times.
  6. In the search engine of the app, the user is provided with the search option for mp3 and listen to it on their phone. They can download and listen it any time they wish for. As they download the file, the mp3 playlist is created on their device.
  7. The app also contains the feature that helps user to view the lyrics on it.
  8. It also lets the user to listen to the song before beginning with the download procedures. It means that the user never have an option to download the fake files.


  • Sometimes it shows the ads in your screen which creates negative image about this app. The users sometime be frustrated by it as it looks very disturbing.
  • It is not always sure that you will find the music with the bet quality sound. So, if the downloaded music quality is not good then you have no other option that removing the song.

Is it worth to download the Music Paradise Pro then?

Of course if you love the music then it is one of the best app you will find in the market for downloading the music. Likewise other apps, it also has some drop backs but it has more positive features as explained above.

To listen to your favorite song you should select the music and transfer it to the playlist and then sort it in any way you prefer. Then after adjusting the song just hit on the Play button. Every function that one good music app should have is included in this app for example it has got bass boosters added with extra filters, high quality sounds and added equalizer.   

High School Report Card Templates you must try

Report cards describes the academic performance of the students in a year. Sometime creating the report card can be very difficult and challenging tasks. If you fail to create a proper report card then the parents might not know how their children are doing in their school. So, it is very necessary that you create a High School Diploma Template report card in a time.

The good high school report card template should include the following necessary information:-

  1. After analyzing the report card, the parents should know exactly how is their children performance in different subjects?
  2. The parents should know the weakness of their children and step to improve it.
  3. It should make clear about the strength of the students.
  4. The report should inform about the achievement of the students in a particular academic year.

Today you can design the high school report cart easily with the help of the templates available in the internet. Followings are the some of the templates you should try for the best report cards:-

  1. Homeschool High School homeschool Report Card Template

The template by the High School homeschool Report Card can be edited using Ms. Excel, Google Drive as well as Office. After editing and entering the essential data you can easily print them out.

  1. report card template

If you are looking to admit your child in a private school in the half year then you can use the template from here to make a report card. The template allows you to add the various information like name of the course, books used in the course and grades.

  1. A2Z Homeschool report card template

The templates are designed in such a way that it is easily understand by students as well as parents. The template is available in “.xls” format and you can edit it according to your need. The two-sided print out helped it include many additional information.

  1. Schooltool report card templates

You can use this template to create a traditional report cards. The scores are listed in a traditional standard way or different other measures. In the report, you are featured to collect the various data of every student in each sections. The tool is designed in the flexible way and you can include the classroom performance of the students.

  1. report card templates provides the templates for various cards like valentine cards, business card, bank ID card and many others. It also provide the templates for report cards for high school. The official site for school report card by can be accessed with the web link – In the page, you are provided with the different unique templates.

As reports card are very important to indicate the performance of the students, it should be created carefully. It is not good to use the same type of format as used by every other schools. So, you should always try to design your own unique cards. The templates helps you to create unique and useful report card.

Tubidy v/s Mp3skull Guide

People always love to listen to the music to get free from stress, for entertainment and to get relaxed. It too easy to get connected to the music nowadays. You can easily listen to it online or offline. Today there are various websites available which lets you to browse, listen and download the music. Among the many others, Mp3skull is one of the most popular site which is pretty similar to Tubidy.

Manu music lover has loved it and they have given very positive review to it. So what makes MP3 skull one of the most popular for listening to the music? Followings are the various features that has made it successful to get positive review from the users.

  1. It is very easy to use this website. Once you have opened the site then you will understand everything to be very simple. Its homepage do not contains many links and options which prevents you from being confused.
  2. It contains very powerful search engine. The search engine can be found easily as soon as you open the website. It is placed at the top side of the page. You will just need to type the key words of the music in the search bar and then hit the “search for Mp3/convert” button. You will be provided with the quick results.
  3. We know there are many websites in the internet that helps you to download so many things. But MP3skull is slight different from them. Here you will find the unlimited number of the songs. You will be able to find any song no matter who the artist is and what type of songs you are looking for.
  4. Listening and downloading the music is one of the feature that most of the people use this site. The website lets you to listen to the song before downloading it. It prevents you from the mis-leading titles and fake files. So, you can first check the song if it is suitable for download or not then you can get it to your device.
  5. You will be able to find out the detail information about the song before downloading it. For example you will get to know the size of the file. The time duration of the music and at which download speed you will be able to get it.

Similarly, there are many useful features offered in the MP3skull. This music player and downloader has proved itself to be better from others.

Final review


MP3 skull is suitable for every music lover. Different people love different music and MP3 skull helps to search and download any type of the songs. There are millions of the songs from where you can select your favorite on. So, if you are looking for the particular song to download easily then you must give it a try.

MP3 skull is not only the site that is best known for the downloading the music files. There are many other alternative site where you will find the similar features like of MP3 Skull. Some of the popular sites are abmp3, mp3raid, abmp3 and beepmp3.