About Wibozi

Wibozi started its activities with its export-oriented targets established in Istanbul in 2020. We are a startup company that provides supplier finding service from Turkey. Wibozi accelerated its sectoral growth as a result of the widespread use of internet in the business world. With the services it provides, it has increased the number of its members day by day. Founded with 100 percent domestic capital, wibozi continues to contribute to the country's economy by exporting to more than 50 countries today. In order to support Turkish companies to operate successfully, effectively and efficiently in the developing world markets, we reinforce them with foreign trade consultancy and provide services with our experienced and expert staff.

We create a portal with manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey and giving service to the Worldwide buyers.


We represent Turkey in the best way in foreign trade.

Whether small or large scale ... We create value for our customers, we respond to their expectations with quality and stability. We protect their products to the end, and do not stop business relation with our customers after sales. Wibozi has a membership program that show customers a lot of different services. You can sign up and get the best service from wibozi. You can sign up and write your supplier request from Turkey. Our team will contact you asap.

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how it works

step 1


Sing up and login to Wibozi

step 2

Write your request

Write your wholesale request that you want to import from Turkey.

step 3

Meet with Turkish Suppliers

Wibozi team will contact you asap

frequently asked questions

1. What is Wibozi ?
2. How does Wibozi work?
3. How can I view the Turkish suppliers list?
4. What's the difference with a Premium membership?
5. What's the difference with a Gold membership?

Gold members can access the information of all Turkish manufacturers just like premium members. The most important gold membership feature is the representative. The Wibozi team assigns a representative to the gold member throughout his membership, and that representative takes care of all the processes of the member's order from start to finish.

6. How can I post a demand?
7. Are all manufacturers and suppliers from Turkey?
8. Tedarikçi başvurusu nasıl yapabilirim?

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