How and Where to Find Suppliers in Turkey

We are living in technological era, and we are incorporating every technology in use into every aspect of our lives, and this includes our businesses. International trade is so much easier now. If you are looking for manufacturers and suppliers overseas, Turkey is one of the best options you have. Due to its proximity to Europe, vast natural resources, and its large domestic market, Turkey is one of the leading competitors in manufacturing and supplying industrial goods in the world. High-quality goods, well-developed factories, and dependable delivery methods are some of the reasons that buyers want to find suppliers from Turkey. Even though there may be slight price differences, flexibility is worth far more to many businesses than the minor price rise.

So how do you find suppliers in Turkey? Here are the three ways to find best suppliers in the country to put your business in international trade market.

Trade Fairs in Turkey

Trade fairs have always been popular among buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers. It is a great way to meet a variety of manufacturers in one location. Buyers can get information, and bargain face to face in these kinds of events. You can find lists of trade fairs on Turkey’s Ministry of Trade website.

Online Supplier Databases in Turkey

Turkey has many organizations and databases to help you find what you need to make your business get its place in greater domestic or international market.  You can post your demands in these kinds of supplier databases or see what other businesses’ services are. You can check reviews, products images, and contact information.

Buying Agents and Offices in Turkey

If you are new to global trade, you should find a buying agent as they have existing connections with suppliers and can connect you with manufacturers who produce the products you want. Through LinkedIn, a simple search will give you many options to choose. Of course, their services are not free, agents can charge anything from 3% to 20% on top of the price of the goods you want to purchase.