What product does Turkey export?

The fact that a large number of productions are carried out without any problems in Turkey has contributed to the income of the companies by exporting. Today, many companies conduct various researches on ways to export. Exporting is actually an easy process. Only people need to make progress with the right steps. Because as soon as the export starts, although it brings a good income, continuity is essential. If people get involved in foreign markets with wrong strategies, it will be impossible for them to grow in foreign markets.


Points to be considered in order to ensure the continuity of exports in Turkey;

  • Firms should enter the foreign market when their products are completely ready and they believe that their products are the best products.
  • Firms have too many competitors in the foreign market. It is necessary to have a good potential to compete with these competitors. It will help companies to open up to foreign markets with products different from their competitors, to add an innovation, to hold on.
  • Before companies open to foreign markets, they should be very careful whether there is any mistake in their products. Once the wrong product is sent, it can reduce the export career of the company.
  • Another way companies should follow in their work should be to work with a good logistics company. A good logistics company will prevent people from having a problem with product delivery. The delay in delivery, especially in the first purchases, may cause the company to have a bad image. Not delaying the delivery of the product will contribute to the confidence of people.
  • Another way companies should follow in order to promote the quality of their products to the whole world is to offer reasonable prices. In this way, happy customers will significantly increase the profit to be obtained.

Which products are more suitable for export?

Turkey is a large country known for selling a large number of products to all markets in the outside world. The fact that there is no shortage of raw materials in our country and the use of state-of-the-art devices has also helped us to make greater progress. Today, companies purchase a large amount of products from Turkey, even only at the raw material point. Turkey's opening up to the world by producing its own product is both a great economic gain and contributes to the growth of the company within its own structure. It also draws attention in foreign markets, because customers are aware of the high quality of products purchased from Turkey.


The best-selling products in foreign markets, originating from Turkey;

  • Clothing, textiles, children's and baby clothing products;
  • Products such as pacifiers and bottles for newborns;
  • Some agricultural products and preserves;
  • White goods;
  • Cable and plastic products;
  • Product options such as shoes, bags and much more.

Export and Earnings in Turkey

Although textile is the sector in which the most obvious gains are made in terms of exports in Turkey, many companies have achieved significant gains by succeeding in holding on abroad in many product options. It is important at this point that people expand abroad with the right strategies. Although the earnings of the companies that go abroad unprepared are high in the first place, they decrease later on. In addition, companies must have a certain production capacity and these capacities must first be sufficient for the domestic market. It may be beneficial for companies that do not have a good income in the country to act cautiously at the point of expanding abroad. Because going abroad suddenly can cause people to encounter difficult situations. The best thing to do is to make progress with the right and sure steps.

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